The loony left. Global warming snafu.

July 10, 2007 — budsimmons

The loony left. Global warming snafu. – Saturday, July 07, 2007 5:52 PM

If you had any doubts about the dangerous loonies that make up the rank and file of the Democratic Party, attend its conventions, pass its resolutions and keep its legislators in line should they veer in the direction of common sense, read this email from one of what the Nation describes as “several hundred Dean leaders.” Read it carefully, particularly her informative comment that “most f us on the far left” consider ourselves “moderate Democrats.” Lord help us.

Address: 16574 West Park Ave.
Address 2: Boulder Creek, Ca 95006
Phone: 831-338-1706
Date: 7/6/2007 12:08:24 AM
Message: This site is hysterical! David Horowitz wouldn’t know anything about people on the left if one of them bit him–and I’m sure many of us have been tempted to do just that. If you had ever listened to anything Howard Dean or Barak Obama said, you’d know they consider themselves moderate Democrats. Most of us on the far left do too. And, unlike Mr. Horowitz, I haven’t read most of what The Nation has published about the Iraq war. I’ve read all of it. He has, of course, completely mis-characterized it. Since that was undoubtedly his intention, just as the site is clearly designed to confuse people looking for real liberal groups, I’m sure he’ll be quite pleased to hear that.

I’m tempted to pass this along to some of my liberal friends. I’m sure they’d get as big a laugh out of it as I did.

Sincerely, Chris Finnie; member, Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee; member, California State Democratic Central; member, CDP Organizational Development standing committee; county organizer, Santa Cruz County Democracy for America

Global Warming Snafu

Ah, the joys of Gore’s “man-made” global warming!

Buenos Aires gets first snow since 1918
By BILL CORMIER, Associated Press WriterMon Jul 9, 7:20 PM ET
Thousands of Argentines cheered and threw snowballs in the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday as the capital’s first major snowfall since 1918 spread a thin white mantle across the region.
Wet snow fell for hours in the Argentine capital, accumulating in a mushy but thin white layer late Monday, after freezing air from Antarctica collided with a moisture-laden low pressure system that blanketed higher elevations in western and central Argentina with snow.
“Despite all my years, this is the first time I’ve ever seen in snow in Buenos Aires,” said Juana Benitez, an 82-year-old who joined children celebrating in the streets.
Argentina’s National Weather Service said it was the first major snow in Buenos Aires since June 22, 1918, though sleet or freezing rain have been periodically reported in decades since.

Global Warming Update: First Snow in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 1981

NewsBusters – Jun 27, 2007

Johannesburg recorded its first confirmed snowfall for almost 26 years overnight as temperatures dropped below freezing in South Africa’s largest city,

Hat Tip: Lawrence Peck