Miss Marple on Global Warming

The Mystery of Global Warming’s Missing Heat


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Brian Yamabe Says:

The amazing thing about this article is that every excuse is made for why global warming isn’t exhibiting the expected behavior except that there might be none.

james Says:

Our parents generation fought a World war to preserve our freedom but during recent years we may as well live in a “Banana Republic”…whichever side of the Atlantic we live on.
When there is clear scientific evidence debunking…or least compromising the CO2 warming argument we get absolute silence from the media.
Last night I actually heard a feamle presenter on the BBC “One Show” state that all global warming was man made and a well respected political commentator described Carbon Dioxide as a “pollutant”.
How do they keep their jobs…what have we done to deserve them.

Yves Says:

Interesting newspaper article on science results…

As for the “Church of Global Warming, Global Warming Cult, Global warming hoax, Gore Bogus Nobel Award, global warming is hooey, global warning hoax”, it’s just what I said:

– IPCC = Suprem Soviet ; Big Brother ; The Source of Disinformation ; The AGW Church.
– Al Gore = Algore, IPCC agent. Former Vice President of the US. Proof of his hypocrisy. Excellent customer of electric utilities. Practises Simony, as allowed by his Church: purchases plant-a-tree indulgences.

Have a nice day