The Global Warming Hoax

November 11, 2006 — budsimmons

The Global Warming Hoax
By Alan Caruba
CNS Analysis from the National Anxiety Center
16 January, 2000

The debate about “global warming” continues and it would appear that more people are beginning to doubt the endless lies they read and hear.

An opinion editorial by Philip Stott, a professor of biogeography, was published recently by Bridge News. He wrote, “Imagine a coast-to-coast headline, from The Boston Globe to the Los Angeles Times: Climate stops changing? What a story. Nobody would believe it for a minute.” Why? Because we know that the weather changes hour to hour, day to day. “If the bizarre idea of a stable climate is so intrinsically newsworthy, why are we currently obsessed by the opposite, the idea of global warming?”

Good question. “Climate is always changing, and on every spatial and temporal scale. Climate is governed by millions of factors,” said Prof. Stott. In brief, weather is chaos. The notion that human activity is the controlling factor is inherently bogus. To believe that, you would have to believe that the sun, the oceans, the clouds, volcanic activity, and countless other factors do not play a major role in the weather.

I recommend you visit, an Internet site that provides some of the best information available. In the January 4, 2000 “Virtual Climate Alert” on the site, it takes note of the worst propagandist for the global warming hoax, a so-called science reporter for The New York Times, William K. Stevens.

“In the December 19, 1999, edition of The New York Times, science writer Bill Stevens reported that 1999 was the ’second warmest year on record’ for the United States and other global land masses and that the rate of increase has been especially dramatic since the 1970’s. While these facts in themselves are correct, Mr. Stevens ignores the larger set of observations that are necessary in order to put these facts into proper perspective.

For instance, the warming rate during the most recent three decades is the same as the warming rate observed during the 30 years from 1916 to 1945-a period before there was any large buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. The fact that the rate of current warming has been observed in recent history indicates that it is not at all unusual and that it is, therefore, likely to have occurred many times in the past.” (Emphasis added)

Or to put it another way, Stevens has taken a set of facts and twisted their interpretation to suggest that the earth is undergoing an unusual amount of warming. The Virtual Climate Alert points out that “In fact, of the 13 years in the Twentieth Century that the average temperature in the United States was greater than 1 degree Fahrenheit above normal, over half occurred more than 40 years ago (before 1960).”

To return to Prof. Stott’s observation that “the bizarre idea of a stable climate” continues to be regarded as “newsworthy”, I can only tell you what I have repeatedly pointed out in a commentary on this website. In “The Great Global Weather Scam”, I note that the Greens were publishing whole books in the 1970’s claiming an Ice Age was coming! This means that The New York Times and other news organization’s articles about global warming not only are inaccurate, they are not really news. News is about something that is actually happening. They are writing about something that is not happening, i.e., the claim that the earth’s temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a dramatic change from the past and a portent of terrible things to come.

Again, I implore you to ask yourself why! Why are major news organizations telling us that global warming is a terrible threat to the earth and all life on it? Why has the United Nations been leading the global warming campaign? Why do all the major environmental organizations continue to say that global warming is happening? Why should we trust these reports any more than the drumbeat of fear that surrounded Y2K when we now know that nothing happened regarding the major computer systems around the world?

The answer is we cannot, we must not, continue to allow this Big Lie to be perpetrated. You can and must write letters to your local newspaper every time it shows up. You must protest this lie when you hear it from candidates for the presidency, other politicians, or anyone else. The issues behind the global warming hoax are not about the climate.

They are an assault on the success of capitalism in the Western nations that utilize energy to provide homes and other structures with warmth in the winter and a cool atmosphere in the summer. Nation’s where the widespread use of automobiles allows the population greater mobility. Nation’s whose supermarkets are filled with fresh meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, grown around the world and brought fresh to their shelves. It is an assault on everything we consume to live longer, healthier lives.

The objective of the global warming hoax is to create conditions that would reduce the earth’s population by restricting the use of energy to protect health, to reduce the amount of food that can be grown to feed the population. It is an attack on the countless other ways modern life extends and protects our lives.

This is part of a pattern of activity over the past twenty years to ban pesticides vital to control the insect and rodent populations that spread disease. It is the reason that freon, the chemical that is essential to air conditioning and refrigeration was banned. It is the reason that plastic products are under attack. It is an attack on the human race! Greens regard humans as a cancer on the earth that must be eliminated to “protect” the earth.

Alan Caruba is the founder of the National Anxiety Center.